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A.T. Multitech Corporation Ltd
Distribution of Information Technology Products, TVs, Home Appliances, Air Conditioners, Security Products, Mobile Phones and Consumables.
Est. 1993

About DLink
(Information is gathered from the manufacturer's official website)

D-Link is a global leader in designing and developing networking and connectivity products for consumers, small businesses, medium to large-sized enterprises, and service providers. From relatively modest beginnings in Taiwan, the company has grown since 1986 into an award-winning global brand with over 2000 employees in 60 countries.

Today, D-Link is laying the foundations for a world that's more connected, smarter, and more convenient. Our Wi-Fi routers, IP cameras, smart home devices and other products let consumers enjoy richer online experiences and greater peace of mind in the comfort of their homes. Meanwhile our unified network solutions continue to integrate capabilities in switching, wireless, broadband, IP surveillance, and cloud-based network management so that:

D-Link Middle East and Africa is a part of D-Link Corporation and one of the largest networking company in the Middle East and Africa. The Company is engaged in Marketing and Distribution of Networking products in Middle East and Africa. Today, D-Link Middle East and Africa is a key market player with a region wide reach, robust product portfolio and superior services in the Middle East and African region. The Company is firmly committed towards delivering high quality, efficient and reliable Networking products, solutions and services. D-Link Middle East and Africa today has branch offices in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, Morocco, Tunisia, Yemen, Nigeria and Kenya and with sales, marketing and support infrastructure.
Multitech became an official DLINK Cyprus Authorised Distributor and Service Centre in 1998
Product Lines: Networking Products, Security Products, Mobile Wi-Fi, Home Automation, IP Telephony, Storage, Structured Cabling Products
People can connect to richer online experiences and peace of mind, Businesses can connect to more customers and profit, and Cities can connect to safer, more energy-efficient urban environments.
Whatever your networking needs, D-Link will always provide the latest high-quality technologies and services at affordable prices. We'll help you Connect to More.

D-Link Green Project
Climate change is happening, which is why D-Link remains firmly committed to protecting the environment along every step of its product supply chain. In 2009, we initiated the D-Link Green Project which consists of three key solutions: Green Technologies to reduce energy consumption, Compliance with Green regulations by using non-toxic raw materials, as well as a Green Packaging initiative to reduce the volume of packaging materials.