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A.T. Multitech Corporation Ltd
Distribution of Information Technology Products, TVs, Home Appliances, Air Conditioners, Security Products, Mobile Phones and Consumables.
Est. 1993
Compaq 1982 - Silicon Cowboys
Michael Dell 1985
1956, A 5MB IBM hard drive being loaded onto a PanAm plane.The HDD weighed over a ton.

Photos From IT History - All copyrights belong to their respective owners.
Bill Hewlett (left) with Dave Packard Operate the HP 9100A Desktop Calculator.
Samsung Electronics reached the landmark production of 5 million TVs in December, 1978.
William Hewlett and David Packard exchange ideas with Bill Gates at the dedication of the new Gates Computer Science building

Paul Allen and Bill Gates. Microsoft Acquires 86-DOS IBM a 16-bit OS. 1981 Acquired for: $75,000.

1962. IBM A Tradition Of Client Service
1971. IBM introduces floppy-disk magnetic storage, so named because of its flexibility.
The HP LaserJet was the first desktop laser printer, introduced in 1984 at about $3,500.
1976 HP's advertising poster showing a NASA astronaut using an HP-65. The world's first magnetic-card-storage, handheld calculator.
Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. In August 6, 1997, Bill Gates announced that Microsoft would invest $150 million to Apple.
HP buys Compaq ($33.6 bn, 2001)
Daiwa Kogyo Ltd. (later Seiko) - the company went on to become the official timekeeper for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, recording and printing athletes' results
1981 IBM PCD introduces its first personal computer, the IBM PC.(IBM 5150)  Price $1,600.